Confirmed speakers:

Angela Christiano (New York, NY, USA): Alopecia areata
Rachael Clark (Boston, MA, USA): Skin T cells in health and disease
Richard Gallo (San Diego, CA, USA): White adipose tissue and its role in innate host defense
Elizabeth Grice (Philadelphia, PA, USA): The skin microbiome in wound healing and regeneration
Christopher Griffiths (Manchester, UK): PSORT – New psoriasis frontiers
Emma Guttman (New York, NY, USA): Atopic dermatitis
Muzlifah Haniffa (Newcastle, UK): Reconstructing healthy and inflamed human skin using single cell genomics technologies
John Harris (Worcester, MA, USA): Vitiligo
Kenji Kabashima (Kyoto, Japan): Visualization of skin inflammation and resulting immunologic concepts
Dan Kaplan (Pittsburgh, PA, USA): Immune and neural network interactions
Dan Kastner (Bethesda, MD, USA): Autoinflammatory Diseases
Brian Kim (St Louis, MO, USA): Novel insights into itch
Harald Kittler (Vienna, Austria): Artificial Intelligence in Dermatology
James G. Krueger (New York, NY, USA): Hidradenitis and pustular psoriasis
Thomas S. Kupper (Boston, MA, USA): Immunity, inflammation and cancer
Mark Lebwohl (New York, NY, USA): Psoriasis – the translational path and access to drugs
Robert Modlin (Los Angeles, CA, USA): Acne
John O’Shea (Bethesda, MD, USA): Janus kinases in inflammation
Amy S. Paller (Chicago, IL, USA): Novel developments in ichthyoses
Virginia Pascual (New York, NY, USA): Lupus
Aimee Payne (Philadelphia, PA, USA): Autoimmune bullous diseases
Kristian Reich (Hamburg, Germany): How to successfully perform trials in inflammatory skin diseases
Misha Rosenbach (Philadelphia, PA, USA): Sarcoidosis & Granulomatous diseases
Michael Rosenblum (San Francisco, CA, USA): Regulatory T cells in skin
Tiffany Scharschmidt (San Francisco, CA, USA): Microbiome and immune interactions early in life
Georg Stingl (Vienna, Austria): Historic perspectives
Alexandra-Chloe Villani (Boston, MA, USA): Novel developoments in single cell RNA sequencing
Wolfgang Weninger (Vienna, Austria): New progenitors of macrophages
Victoria P. Werth (Philadelphia, PA, USA): Dermatomyositis
George Yancopoulos (Tarrytown, NY, USA): New therapeutic frontiers in atopic conditions
Christina Zielinski (Munich, Germany): Regulation of human T-Cell responses by ionic signals in the skin



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